Christmas Gift Guide for Baby


Today I am bring you a few of my favorite things for baby. They make up this year’s Christmas Gift Guide for Baby. We love everything on this list and think you will too. It is a combination of our favorite stores and handmade shops. Baby D already owns a few of these awesome goodies and the others will be arriving soon.

Life Anchored’s Christmas Gift Guide for Baby

Softie from Aleks Handmade // These cute plushes come as whales, dinos, puppies and more

Wooden Growth Chart // Available in a variety of colors and can be personalized with name too

Baby Moccs //  Baby D looks too cute in these and we’ll be ordering more soon. I just can’t choose which ones!

Touch & Feel Caterpillar // Baby D loves his caterpillar. He snuggles with him during naps & its always the first toy he goes for.

Wooden Stacking Blocks //Fun colors and monster faces, I’m ordering these right now!

Activity Walker // Perfect for your almost or new walker and full of colorful activities all in one spot

Teepee // What kids doesn’t need a fun teepee to play in? I kinda want to play in it too.

Trendy Arrow Tee // Love this local shop, eco-friendly products and trendy cute designs.

What goodies are on your baby’s wish list?

Christmas Gift Guide for Her // Christmas Gift Guide for Him

40 Weeks: Documenting Each Week of Pregnancy

Disclosure: 40 weeks is a sponsored post by Dr. Smith’s. All opinions are of course my own.

DS- 40-Weeks Blog Header-v1

Pregnancy, 40 weeks of your life made growing your sweet baby. As a RN, I felt that I had a great knowledge base of what to expect while I was expecting (see what I did there). Boy, was I wrong! There are so many things that you don’t understand or expect until you are in the moment experiencing them. The documentary, 40 Weeks The Movie, premiering soon follows a group of women through the unique experience of their 40 weeks of pregnancy. The documentary is brought to you by Big Belli and is sponsored by one of my favorite brands, Dr. Smith’s. To find a screening in your area just click {HERE} I’ve seen the film (blogger perks) and its amazing. I’ll be attending the screening here in Austin, so if you’re local come out and join me.

In my 40 weeks I had an appendicitis, severe heart burn and swelling in my legs that was disturbing. Nothing really can prepare you for it. On the bright side, those 40 weeks were the most amazing time for The Mister and I to bond with our little guy. We talked to him, I sang to him (I know 1 lullaby) and we got to feel him kick and move. It was wonderful to see these women go through the same ups and downs emotionally that I felt. To experience the joys and even the disappointment when things didn’t go as planned. Here I am at almost the end of my 40 weeks. Baby D was born just a week after these beautiful photos were captured.


Did your 40 weeks go as expected? What was your favorite memory from your 40 weeks?

Christmas Gift Guide for Him


We’re back today to share a  few of my favorite things for him. They make up this years Christmas Gift Guide for Her. We love everything on this list and think you will too. A combination of our favorite stores and handmade shops.

Life Anchor’s Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Survival Books // Guys love this kind of thing! The Mister is an outdoors man for sure and would enjoy this read.

Man Crate // The ULTIMATE gift basket for men

Dollar Shave Club Membership // The Mister and I both have memberships. No more having to remember to buy razors.

Beef Jerky // Manready Mercantile is one of my favorite guy shops, they have a retail store in Houston if you’re even near by.

Classic Games // This one is making it to our house this Christmas

Shoe Polish Kit // Guys like nice and practical too

Fit Bit // I am wanting one myself, but the Mister is a workout nut!

North Face Fleece // We wear these all the time! It just isn’t cold enough for a full jacket here in Texas.

What is on your shopping list for the men in your life?

 Christmas Gift Guide for Her // Christmas Gift Guide for Baby

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Christmas Gift guide for her


With Christmas right around the corner I wanted to share with a few of my favorite things. They make up this years Christmas Gift Guide for Her. We love everything on this list and think you will too. A combination of our favorite stores and handmade shops.

Life Anchor’s Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Chunky Infinity Scarf from Style Scarf //Beautiful Handmade wool infinity scarf

Happy Mommy Box // The perfect subscription box for moms

Prayer Journal by Val Marie Paper // Handmade journals for filling with praises & prayers

Jamberry Nails // Simple and Fun way to dress up your nails for any occasion

Bubblegum Earrings by Gussied // LOVE these!

Bath Salts by Linley House //Handmade products from the hearth of Amish Country

Salted Carmels by Firefly Confections // Yum!! I love every flavor & you will too!

Fir & Grapefruit Candle by Paper Source // Perfect light scent for the holiday season

What is on your wishlist this year?

Christmas Gift Guide for Him // Christmas Gift Guide for Baby

Tackling Teething: Our favorite Teething Toys

This post contains affiliate links.

Tackling teething, that’s my object for the next month or so. I know they are there, I can’t see them or feel them yet, but I know. I keep praying that one day we’ll wake up and they will just be there, ready to chomp on food (I’m dreaming, right). In the mean time we are stocked up on Tylenol and a collection of our favorite teething toys.

tackling teething

Life Factory Silicon Teething Rings // Comes in packs of 2 and are large enough for me to wear like a bracelet. With multiple textures they keep Baby D busy for a while.

Alexandra Rose Wooden Teething toy // We LOVE this teething toy with the choice of a wooden ring or soft fabric. We also have the coordinating pacifier clip, that we use EVERYDAY!

The Vintage Honey Shop Nursing/Teething Necklaces // L.i.f.e.s.a.v.e.r. Baby D had gotten in the habit of scratching me while he nursed. This ring necklaces gives him something to hold on to while nursing, he loves to chop on them too!

Squeeze and Teethe Elephant // I will admit that at first I felt like this was an over priced squeaky toy that could easily be mistaken for a pet toy. The kid loves this thing. Worth every penny.

Little Toader Broccoli Bites // This one may be my favorite. With choices from broccoli to chicken wings, these teething toys are entertaining for parents too (I’m trying to instill good food habits early).

Little Sapling Wooden Cell Phone Teething Toy // This one is new and we haven’t spent much time with it. However he does like the wooden teethers so I think it will be getting more attention soon.

What are some of your remedies for the painful teething times?

Did your little one have a favorite teething toy?

Our Fall Bucket List 2014



I’ve always wanted to bucket list for each season. Now that the weather has cooled off it’s the perfect time for a Fall Bucket List. Our family will be completing this fun list this season and I am looking forward to all of the amazing pictures, stories and memories that will come from these times. I’ve been planning this Fall Bucket List for a while and we’ve already tackled a few of these. We took Baby D to his first Fall festival and trick or treating on Halloween (Check out his costume, we even won a contest). The pumpkin patch was so fun and I love all of the pictures I was able to take of Baby D. I even got to wear my favorite boot while we took our family pictures!

What is on your Fall Bucket List?

Thankful Jar: Thanksgiving Craft DIY

DIY Thankful Jar

Last year we started a few of our own traditions for Thanksgiving. I was pregnant with Baby D and it seemed like a great idea to start thinking about these things. We ran the 5 Mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning (we’re already registered for this year). I figure over time we will add more traditions to our holidays. This year I am starting a Thankful Jar. All month we are writing down things we are thankful for and on Thanksgiving day we’ll empty out our Thankful Jar and read all of the notes as a family.

You can make your own Thankful Jar with a few craft supplies you probably already have around the house. I keep on hand a nice stock of mason jars of varying colors and sizes. You just never know when you are going to need one.

I wanted to dress up my jar a little so I used some of the adorable goodies from last months #simplygirlyswap, These paper flowers were perfect! I also had an adorable pad of fall themed scrap booking paper, although any post it notes would work too.


I wanted to keep my jar and papers out on the counter would I would remember to write things everyday so I put pens, papers and the jar all together in a wooden box to set out on the counter where we would see it.

Never Too Early to Learn: Emler Swim School

The Mister is an avid swimmer. He swims minimum 1 mile every morning at 5 AM in our local springs. I enjoy swimming, we spent a lot of time as a couple participating in water sports from canoeing, scuba diving, white water rafting, floating the rivers in inner tubes and exploring local swimming holes. It only seems natural that Baby D would love the water and learn to swim as early as possible. I was thrilled when a local blogger friend told me that her little one was attending free swim class at the local Emler Swim School. I got out my phone immediately and looked up the local class schedule and signed Baby D up.


Statistics show that the number one cause of accidental death in children under the age of five is drowning. I don’t know a parent who would not take advantage of the opportunity for their little one to learn to swim early on. Emler Swim School offers a variety of classes for all ages, from two months through adult. Baby D started Bathtime Babies class when he was two months old, he’ll finish this class in a few months, and will start with the next level, Water Babies, at the end of January.


Emler Swim School focuses on teaching song association with activity while in the water. Each child recognizes what activity is coming based off of the song, what a fun way to learn to swim. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and HERE on the blog to see how our class is going!

Does your family love the water too? Where is your favorite place to swim and play?

Mention you heard about Emler Swim School from Life Anchored blog and receive one pair of Iplay swim pants for free when you sign up for any of their classes. All classes eligible including the FREE Bathtime Babies class! 

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Emler Swim School. All opinions are my own and Baby D’s of course.

November Goals & A Costume Contest


november goals fall

November Goals

1. Train for and finish the 5 Mile Turkey Trot

2. Fulfill my editorial calendar for the entire month

3. Work on losing those last 5 lbs

4. Spend quality time with my family everyday

5. Start planning Christmas shopping/crafting

6. Do 1 thing out of my comfort zone and write about it

7. Move Baby D’s nursery into different room

8. Organize the closet under the stairs

9. Update Grandparent Books

10. Have a Date with The Mister and a Mom’s Night Out

Last month was a bit of a wash. I accomplished a few of my goals, but I feel like I may have written them down in haste and wasn’t as thoughtful as I should have been. They were all realistic for me, some because I just don’t like wearing make up and others because I wasn’t ready to dedicate myself to really accomplishing them. The big one that I did accomplish was to make Baby D’s Halloween Costume. It came out so adorable. He even won the costume contest at one of the events we went to.

mini scuba diver diy costume

Little Man Style: Halloween Edition

Today is Halloween! We have had a blast with Baby D’s first Halloween. Pumpkin patches, Halloween parties and a little trick or treating. Since we can’t wear our costume all day I had to find something that was everyday wear and festive too. So this month’s Little Man Style is a Halloween Edition.

little man style halloween


For this Little Man Style edition we turn to an off the beat shop for some goodies, Cracker Barrel Country Store. We picked up this adorable fleece lined spider hat and matching socks for a great deal. Paired with Carter’s Jeans and a collared bodysuit, Baby D is ready to  chill out between all of our festivities.

little man style spiders