Top 5 Why We Love Baby Swim Class

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Emler Swim School and their baby swim class. All opinions are my own and Baby D’s of course.

baby swim class emler

Today is the last day of Baby D’s baby swim class until after the holiday break. It amazes me how much he has come to love the water, lets just say that bath time is the highlight of our evening. There is a lot of splashing, kicking and toys! I am really in awe of the skills he has learned while in his bathtime baby swim class.

#1 Their instructors are awesome! We love Mr. John and are excited to be in his class again in the Spring (if you’re in the Austin area he teaches at  the Westlake location, but hurry his classes are filling up fast).

#2 We love to splash! We splash in the pool, we splash in the bathtub, we splash anywhere we can find water. Baby swim class has made Baby D comfy in the water and he loves to play.

#3 We love all of the songs! We sing our baby swim class songs in the bath tub at home too and we laugh and splash.

#4 Baby swim class is teaching Baby D valuable lessons that are not only fun but can be life saving.

#5 Special bonding time! This is my absolutely favorite picture from baby swim class. My two fish loving the water together.

Emler baby swim class buddies

Mention you heard about Emler Swim School from Life Anchored blog and receive one pair of swim pants for free when you sign up for any of their classes. All classes eligible including the FREE Bathtime Babies class!  #iswimemler

How old was your little one when they learned to swim? Did you teach them or did you attend a baby swim class?

Dad Advice from a New Dad

Disclaimer: This post to sponsored by Dr. Smith, however all opinions are my own and Baby D’s of course.Dad advice

As new moms we are bombarded with advice from our mothers, our sisters, our friends, girlfriends and every stranger who walks down the street. Advice on everything from the best type of formula to  when to start solid foods, teething relief and diaper creams. I never really thought about dad advice for The Mister. Within a few weeks of announcing our pregnancy The Mister came home with an arm full of books from a co-worker all about raising sons. Books that he will no doubt find valuable in time. However what about right now, what about how to change a dirty diaper without getting it all over the baby (and yourself), the fastest way to warm a bottle? You know the small details.

Baby D is six months old and I figured The Mister has learned a lot of valuable lessons to this point. So I asked him what would be the best dad advice he could give to a new dad.

#1 Bodysuits  go on first, under the pants.

#2 Bottle Warmers, best investment you will ever make. When you are on feeding duty and baby is hungry there is no time to waste.

#3 You can never have too many pacifiers.

#4 The yellow line on the front of the diaper will turn blue when the diaper is wet (if the diaper is bulging this is also a sign of a full diaper despite the color of the line). Oh! Not all diapers have the color changing lines.

#5 Never leave home without a diaper bag. Before you grab the diaper bag, make sure it’s completely stocked.

Dad advice diaper bag

Number 5 is a big one, maybe the biggest. I figured we would give you a peak at what The Mister keeps stocked in his Dad Bag.  More diapers than you ever thought you would need, a binkie, at least one blanket, two or more changes of clothes, diaper rash cream (we use Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray) and a few toys just in case.

dad advice dr smiths

What is the must have that is packed in your dad’s bag?

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Our Fall Fashion Favorite: Trendy Baby Moccasins


Fall is here and I am loving it! With the turn in weather Baby D has practically gotten a new wardrobe. I have to say  that I am swooning over his little baby moccasins! I searched and searched Etsy for just the right color that I was envisioning, the type of materials and of course the cost (baby shoes can get cray cray expensive and they don’t even walk yet). I found this adorable baby moccasins after a friend sent me her personal recommendation for KC Moccs. I have to tell you that I absolutely love these shoes.


We tried socks for everyday wear and around the house they are fine. One is usually missing or half way on, but when we head out for the day its baby moccasins all the way. They are so easy to put on and take off, and the fit perfectly from the measurements I took and submitted with my order. I don’t feel bad about him standing on the ground in public places since his feet are covered and could they get any cuter! I ordered the Cork color and am trying to decide what color to order next. Every time I see a cute picture in her Instagram feed I want that color too! Make sure to check our her facebook page too, she post great deals and new colors.

What is your favorite color choice? What color should I order next?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday & Advent

Giving Tuesday, I hadn’t heard of it until this year. We get so caught up in Black Friday and Cyber Monday and what we can gain. No don’t get me wrong I have shopped many Black Fridays and there is a thrill in the early morning hours, hot drinks and ridiculous crowds.Excited about what great deals I would score for Christmas. This year I actually skipped Black Friday, I did end up at Target on Thanksgiving evening, I’m very thankful for those individuals who were at work. It was a little surreal, instead of shopping for gigantic TVs (we don’t own a TV) or other fancy electronics I was there for an emergency run on diapers.


This year we are celebrating Giving Tuesday, we are excited and giving back! We decided to tie this in to our celebration of Advent as well. We hung our adorable advent calendar from Tisa’s Creations, and instead of adding a gift to each day of the count down we are giving back. That’s while this is the perfect project for Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is all about giving back, whether it is buying a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you or donating to a charitable cause online or spending your time serving soup to the needy. Give Forward is a online site that helps Giving Tuesday brings lots of attention to many great causes. We’ve chosen to get behind on in particular. Austin Life Center is a non-profit organization that with the compassion of Christ,  transforms lives through education and service that empower life-affirming choices regarding sexual activity and pregnancy. You can help support them by clicking {HERE} and donating this Giving Tuesday!


 How will you celebrate Giving Tuesday today?  We’re headed out to give forward!

Bathtime Babies #iswimemler

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Emler Swim School. All opinions are my own and Baby D’s of course.


We’ve had a great time at our Bathtime Babies class these past few weeks. It was extra special that The Mister was able to not only attend class but participate with Baby D.  Yep, those are the two fish of the family living it up in the pool. Baby D’s favorite song/activity is the Motor Boats and he loves to practice his kicking. He even does it when he has bathtime at home.


That’s Mr. John with Baby D and The Mister. Mr John is awesome, he teaches various levels of classes for Emler, from Bathtime Babies to Aqua Tots. Emler has classes for everyone of all ages, group classes and private lessons too. You can even have a fun pool party with your friends! We’ve already signed up for Water babies class with Mr. John in the Spring.


This is the big one, the back float. Bathtime Babies is just the beginning and hopefully some time during our next level of classes, water babies, Baby D will have mastered this one. He is doing a really great job. He loves watching himself in the fun animal mirrors and it helps keep his eyes up and head back too.

Mention you heard about Emler Swim School from Life Anchored blog and receive one pair of swim pants for free when you sign up for any of their classes. All classes eligible including the FREE Bathtime Babies class!  #iswimemler

Does your family love the water too? Where is their favorite place to swim and play?

Stocking Stuffers for All


Now that you have your shopping lists all made for the gifts that go under the tree, you can’t forget about stockings. I think that this is my favorite part of Christmas. I have always loved spending time going through and examining each stocking stuffer. As I’ve gotten older it is still my favorite part and I am thrilled that this year is my first year to stuff stockings at my house and I can’t wait!

Stocking Stuffers for Her

Lotion Sticks by Linley House //  Handmade all natural lotion sticks blended with shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils.

Perpetual Calendar by PolkaDot Paper Co. // Add all of your important dates & use it year after year.

Oh Crap I Forgot Note Pad by Tisa’s Creations // Perfect spot jot down a few notes

Clutch by TOMS // Loving this simple and stylish clutch by Target + TOMS

Instax Mini Camera // Fun,compact Polaroid with a old school feel!

Sparkle Bark // A new spin on holiday bark candy

Stocking Stuffers for Him

Password Book by PolkaDot Paper Co. // A handy desk pad to keep all your passwords at hand.

TOMS Hot/Cold Beverage Bottle // Loving these double walled glass beverage containers from TOMS

Activated Charcoal Bar Soap by Latika // A natural bar, with organic activated bamboo charcoal.

Gourmet Marshmallows by 240 Sweet // Delicious gourmet treat with tons of flavors, Bourbon Brown Sugar sounds perfect.

Leather Sleeved Mason Jar Mug // Mason Jars are everywhere!

Shark Slippers // Who wouldn’t want these!

Check out our other guides here Christmas Gift Guide for Her // Christmas Gift Guide for Him // Christmas Gift Guide for Baby

What was your favorite thing to get in your stocking? Is there a traditional item you get every year?

Christmas Gift Guide for Baby


Today I am bring you a few of my favorite things for baby. They make up this year’s Christmas Gift Guide for Baby. We love everything on this list and think you will too. It is a combination of our favorite stores and handmade shops. Baby D already owns a few of these awesome goodies and the others will be arriving soon.

Life Anchored’s Christmas Gift Guide for Baby

Softie from Aleks Handmade // These cute plushes come as whales, dinos, puppies and more

Wooden Growth Chart // Available in a variety of colors and can be personalized with name too

Baby Moccs //  Baby D looks too cute in these and we’ll be ordering more soon. I just can’t choose which ones!

Touch & Feel Caterpillar // Baby D loves his caterpillar. He snuggles with him during naps & its always the first toy he goes for.

Wooden Stacking Blocks //Fun colors and monster faces, I’m ordering these right now!

Activity Walker // Perfect for your almost or new walker and full of colorful activities all in one spot

Teepee // What kids doesn’t need a fun teepee to play in? I kinda want to play in it too.

Trendy Arrow Tee // Love this local shop, eco-friendly products and trendy cute designs.

What goodies are on your baby’s wish list?

Christmas Gift Guide for Her // Christmas Gift Guide for Him

40 Weeks: Documenting Each Week of Pregnancy

Disclosure: 40 weeks is a sponsored post by Dr. Smith’s. All opinions are of course my own.

DS- 40-Weeks Blog Header-v1

Pregnancy, 40 weeks of your life made growing your sweet baby. As a RN, I felt that I had a great knowledge base of what to expect while I was expecting (see what I did there). Boy, was I wrong! There are so many things that you don’t understand or expect until you are in the moment experiencing them. The documentary, 40 Weeks The Movie, premiering soon follows a group of women through the unique experience of their 40 weeks of pregnancy. The documentary is brought to you by Big Belli and is sponsored by one of my favorite brands, Dr. Smith’s. To find a screening in your area just click {HERE} I’ve seen the film (blogger perks) and its amazing. I’ll be attending the screening here in Austin, so if you’re local come out and join me.

In my 40 weeks I had an appendicitis, severe heart burn and swelling in my legs that was disturbing. Nothing really can prepare you for it. On the bright side, those 40 weeks were the most amazing time for The Mister and I to bond with our little guy. We talked to him, I sang to him (I know 1 lullaby) and we got to feel him kick and move. It was wonderful to see these women go through the same ups and downs emotionally that I felt. To experience the joys and even the disappointment when things didn’t go as planned. Here I am at almost the end of my 40 weeks. Baby D was born just a week after these beautiful photos were captured.


Did your 40 weeks go as expected? What was your favorite memory from your 40 weeks?

Christmas Gift Guide for Him


We’re back today to share a  few of my favorite things for him. They make up this years Christmas Gift Guide for Her. We love everything on this list and think you will too. A combination of our favorite stores and handmade shops.

Life Anchor’s Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Survival Books // Guys love this kind of thing! The Mister is an outdoors man for sure and would enjoy this read.

Man Crate // The ULTIMATE gift basket for men

Dollar Shave Club Membership // The Mister and I both have memberships. No more having to remember to buy razors.

Beef Jerky // Manready Mercantile is one of my favorite guy shops, they have a retail store in Houston if you’re even near by.

Classic Games // This one is making it to our house this Christmas

Shoe Polish Kit // Guys like nice and practical too

Fit Bit // I am wanting one myself, but the Mister is a workout nut!

North Face Fleece // We wear these all the time! It just isn’t cold enough for a full jacket here in Texas.

What is on your shopping list for the men in your life?

 Christmas Gift Guide for Her // Christmas Gift Guide for Baby

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Christmas Gift guide for her


With Christmas right around the corner I wanted to share with a few of my favorite things. They make up this years Christmas Gift Guide for Her. We love everything on this list and think you will too. A combination of our favorite stores and handmade shops.

Life Anchor’s Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Chunky Infinity Scarf from Style Scarf //Beautiful Handmade wool infinity scarf

Happy Mommy Box // The perfect subscription box for moms

Prayer Journal by Val Marie Paper // Handmade journals for filling with praises & prayers

Jamberry Nails // Simple and Fun way to dress up your nails for any occasion

Bubblegum Earrings by Gussied // LOVE these!

Bath Salts by Linley House //Handmade products from the hearth of Amish Country

Salted Carmels by Firefly Confections // Yum!! I love every flavor & you will too!

Fir & Grapefruit Candle by Paper Source // Perfect light scent for the holiday season

What is on your wishlist this year?

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